Big News!

As many of you know, I discovered my passion for photography back in 2008 while living in San Francisco. I was a graduate student working toward my Masters in Clinical Social Work and had moved across the country. It was my first time living in a major city and I was loving all that it had to offer. About halfway through my time there, I moved to a new apartment that was up a large hill and I found that the bicycle that I'd purchased just months earlier was collecting dust. Like the financially savvy twenty-four year old that I was, I quickly found out that an entry level digital SLR cost roughly what my bike was worth. Goodbye bike, hello Nikon. This was the beginning of a road that has taken me to where I am today. It was a bit of a fluke really, but I am forever grateful that I found something I feel so passionate about. I've missed California greatly since I left in 2009, but I'm pleased to say that we'll be moving back to the bay area this summer and that Matthew Jason Photography will now have offices on both coasts!

There are so many reasons that I'm excited about expanding to the west coast, but there are two in particular that stand out. First, I experience a bit of withdrawal during the cold months in Boston as it's not so easy to find couples who want to stand outside in 20 degree weather to be photographed. As I write this, it is currently 79 degrees in Napa - nuff said. Second, California presents a brand new backdrop for photography that is completely different than New England. From the gorgeous coastline, to the rolling vineyards, to the beautiful mountains of Yosemite, California provides such a contrast to what I've been exposed to so far as a professional photographer. I'm so excited about gaining all these new opportunities while still keeping the Boston branch of Matthew Jason Photography open to serve all my amazing clients in the area.

As we prepare for the move, I'll be making a number of trips out to the bay area so be sure to keep checking out the blog for new work that features that beautiful California light! In the meantime, check out these shots from our travels to San Francisco last winter.

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